Monday, September 12, 2011

Portebello isn't just a Mushroom

Why Hello Non-Londonites,

I'm giving you breaks in between blogs cause I figured you wouldn't want to hear my day to day activities especially since some of them are pretty boring. The last couple of days accumulated make the perfect amount of information for you all =]. I want to however, start with a little story that took place in Matt and Laura's kitchen after Matt had cooked us an amazing Pasta dinner and we were eating Tiramisu that was to die for. Legitimately the best I've had and that's coming from someone who detests mocha flavored desserts (minus coffee ice cream). So i'll give you some background, my benefactors were writing down words and places for me to pronounce in "American" and one of those was "Grosvenor" (I'll send you a postcard if you correctly guess how to say that!). Grosvenor is the street name where the American Embassy is located here in London and Matt was giving me some information.

"If any of your stuff gets stolen then you go to the embassy on Grosvenor street in a taxi and they'll reverse the charges and help you"
"They'll reverse the charges!?"
"You could be chased by people or running away from the cops and they would help you"
"You just flash your passport and a soldier with a gun would stop them. The cops could argue but all they'll say is 'Sorry this is American property and you'll need to step back' and the cops can't do anything"
"You just show them your passport?"
"Yes just show them your passport and they'll say "Welcome Home" and let you in".

It was all a lot more touching when Matt was saying it but it really made you feel good to be an American. We really take care of our own and even when you're in a whole different country it's nice to know that you always have that safety net. I even passed the embassy on my way to Hyde Park today and sure enough there were our soldiers with their giant guns (meanwhile British police can't even carry one so whenever there's a crisis at least 12 of them show up). Not that I'm a gun supporter or anything lol. Which brings me to the events of this week.
Friday was especially brag worthy as I was taken to Harvey Nichols, a giant and very cool department store, for their Fall Fashion show! We were treated to some tasty models as well as Canapé and Champagne (I know I'm so sophisticated using french words). To the left is a picture of Laura and I standing by the runway with our drinks =]. At the end they gave us goodie bags or as her friend Lheana (not sure how she spells it lol) called it "swag bags". We then headed to a nice hotel bar for some drinks and finally 'Gaucho' and Argentinian restaurant which was really good!

The following day I attempted to wake up early in order to head out to Notting Hill for an outdoor market they have on Saturdays. I didn't end up leaving till about 1pm but it was still very happening by the time i got to "Portebello Road". The market was a mixture of food, art, antiques, and clothing and it was huge! It took me at least 2 hours to get to the end of it. After some exploring i ventured into Mcdonalds for the first time since setting foot in the UK. I was surprised to find that each table was decorated with a vase and a cheerful yellow flower. Then Laura and I watched "Jane Eyre" at the theater (or cinema as they say it) that is literally down the street from where they live. It was a very British evening as you can tell especially after our nighttime cuppa (that's British for tea). I should probably mention that Matt was off being very cool and sailing in a tournament! Yes people, he is a British sailor!

Anyway seeing as how this is getting a bit long I think I'll end it here and leave you guys wanting more hehe. Hope all is good in the states and rest assured that little Sammy is having a good ol' time in London.

Love from London,

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