Monday, September 5, 2011

From Saatchi to Sloane Square

Cheerio Lads!

I'm on Day 6 over here and while it is only 4:45 in America, it's about 12:45 am in London. It seems I'm finally over my jetlag and on to my normal pattern of going to bed around 4am (oh Summer, I'll miss you). After talking on the phone to all my internationals, or domestics I guess since I'm the international to you guys, I've settled in to watch my new favorite British show Hotel Babylon. Unfortunately my American shows are a bit delayed here so I'm missing out on Jersey Shore in Rome much to my dismay (is the Sitch alive!? Don't tell me.)! The last two days I was on my own in this here fair city, so I took some time to be a bit touristy and went into to some museums. So far the ones in Chelsea (where I'm staying) are mostly free, which is nice since I love shopping at gift shops hehe! First however, I attempted to find 165 Eaton Place. A house from one of my favorite old British shows Upstairs, Downstairs, a period piece from the 70s about the servants in a Aristocratic English home (while watching i was very into cleaning, which i assumed my roommates liked). Much to my dismay 165 does not exist only 65 Eaton place does and they painted on the 1 for the show. I managed to carry on with my day though. To the left is a picture of my view from the double-Decker Omnibus, I sat at the top to see better but it was raining.

My first tour was at the Saatchi Gallery which I happened to pass on my way back from Sloane Square, where I had ventured into Peter Jones, a department store which had exclusive rights to the 2012 Olympic merchandise! The Gallery was mainly modern art from around the world and very interesting. I paid a pound for an exhibition guide which thankfully told me all about the peices since Modern Art, though I love it, leaves me stumped. I was glad to find many pieces dealing with religion and most of them were intriguing and pretty at the same time. My favorite was of a God-like figure that seemed to be transforming. The picture doesn't really do it justice but it was seriously cool. After walking through all the exhibits I headed home for some R&R and then had dinner at a sushi place nearby. Unbeknowest to me it was quite expensive but since i realized half-way through i decided to say "eff it" and ordered some dessert lol. The waiter was a nice Australian who had been here for 7 months and was apparently "Eating his way through Europe". He recommended a Brazilian nut macaroon dessert with Marscapone and lemon die for.
Unfortunately I haven't loaded the pictures from my trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum so maybe I'll save that for another day =]. Unfortunately for you alls I was kicked out of the British Gallery right before I could try on the Rococo style hoop skirt! I'll try and go back if i have the time hehe. Till then I will leave you with a picture of the Queen.
Love from London,

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