Thursday, September 8, 2011

From Foam to Finish

Hello Blokes and Ladies (Not sure what they call women here, maybe lasses?)

Thought I'd give you a few words/phrases I've learned so far in the Land of Aristocrats:
  • Tactical Puke - Same concept as the American "Puke and Rally" it basically means you drink a ton and throw up so that you can continue to drink more.
  • Tube - subway (kinda knew that one)
  • Pulled - as in "pulled a girl" meaning to pick someone up
  • Uni - University (interesting to note is that a school that's called a College is usually more prestigious then the University)
  • Public School and Private School - actually mean the opposite which according to Matt has to do with the fact that kids were forced to attend their local school but people with money could send their children to other outside school making them open to the public and thus making them "public school".
  • Chips - fries
  • Crisps - chips
  • Geordie Shore - Jersey Shore for the Brits but not as good and with alot more nakedness
That's all i can think of at the moment but I'm learning something new everyday! In fact today I learned the thrilling secrets of 7 princesses who at one time lived in the Kensington Palace (which is where Princess Diana famously spent her days). Since the Palace is being redone, they've opened a kind of Disneyland haunted Mansion-ey filled light exhibition where you have to interact and you find out clues about past princesses lives. It was quite cool and pretty interesting. A bit of a kid's thing at the moment but since I'm kinda a sucker for things like that, I enjoyed it. It was interesting to know about the "sorted affairs" of the Royals and sad to realize that a lot of them were forced into marriages or kept prisoners in their own houses/lives. After our sad/creepy adventure into the Palace we stopped for afternoon tea at the Palace's Orangery which according to Wikipedia is a common facet of many estates (click link if you're curious). After an amazing scone in which Laura and I slathered on clotted cream and jam, like 4 finger sandwiches, and a pot of tea each, we forced ourselves to walk to the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in hopes of working some of it off. That river looking thing is the fountain, it's supposed to be soft and fluid and made of the best stuff just like our favorite Princess. Once done admiring the memorial and walking back through Hyde Park, Laura and I got on a bus and headed home for some dinner. All in all a great day!

Speaking of great days I forgot about the other adventures I had out here! I think a quick recap is in order =]. In the last blog I think I mentioned that I explored the V&A Museum (isn't it pretty!) which is located very near Matt and Laura's flat. The museum was really good! It was fun, informative, interactive, and just really well done. There was a ton of cool exhibits but i chose the British one since I'm in the UK. It covered mostly the lives of Royals and highly influential people of London. My favorite things were the models of 1500 through 1700 dress. As you can see by the picture on the left these people were made for birthing...hehe. I included like the only picture of myself which was taken in the reflection of an antique Rococo Mirror.

Yesterday, I headed out to Camden which is said to be the late Amy Winehouse's town. According to the local Brit Matt, she would "get trashed in a pub there and just put on a concert for the people there". I adopted the "when in Rome" saying and went into a pub around 5 for lunch. I ordered the Indian food special which came with its own drink. Not really knowing which to choose i ordered a Guinness which was one of the worst mistakes of my life. From foam to finish, Guinness is strong and intense and halfway through I was already light-headed, thank god for Naan! After lunch i continued to tour Camden High Street which is a very cool, vintagey, street market kinda place. Finally I headed to King's Cross station, after an obviously well excercised salesman informed me it was about a 10 minutes walk away. 30 minutes later, I find a map indicating it's maybe 10 minutes away! Being a strong-willed person, i tough it out and finally make it to the station where unfortunately for me I was unable to get to Platform 9 (in order to see Platform 9 3/4) without a ticket. So i head home with Laura and have delicious pasta meal made by my Landlord Matt. Below (sorry that its all weirdly placed the damn pictures wont listen to me) is some street art I found in Camden. These two are found on the back of food stalls. This was honestly the first piece of street art I've seen since being here. Though Britain has a great history and buildings are beautiful, historical value laws (not sure if thats what they call it cause Laura's asleep) make it hard to install new pieces of history like buildings and I'm sure Art. Glad to see that doesn't stop everyone! Well that's all for today, talk to you all soon =].

Love from London,

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