Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gaudi is a Friend of Mine

Hello all,

Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I've done this!
I know I'm bad but in my defense I have been very busy with school and exploring the EU.
As some of you may know I was lucky enough to get a visit from my sister Patti and her friend Liza while I was at school. They gave me the chance to visit Barcelona and Paris on more than a student budget which was very nice lol. Didn't even have to starve myself! Haha j/k...kinda.
They showed up on my doorstep on October 11th and I walked them through Canterbury which let me tell you is a picturesque little English town. It also happened to be my roommates birthday so we ate at a restaurant in town called 'Little Italy' where I got gnocchi that was to die for. We tucked in early as we were expected at London Luton at 9am. London Luton by the way, is the most awful airport in the world. It is seriously so hard to get too and i'm sure only put there to deter people from traveling. Thankfully after 4 hours on 2 different buses (Our bus ride was longer then our flight!), a hellish security check line, and 5 minute marathon we arrived at our gate just in time for our flight to Barcelona. Once we arrived in the beautiful Spanish city, we immediately stripped down and stepped into some shorts (I hadn't seen my legs in months!). We settled into our very nice hotel and then headed out for some dinner by 'La Sagrada Familia'. For those of your who don't know what that is, it's one of Gaudi's projects and the last before his death. Unfortunately he was unable to finish it but they are continuing to build it with an expected finishing date of 2026! To the left is a picture of it in the daytime since I was closer then. After a dinner of sangria and paella we headed home to rest up for our BICYCLE WINE TOUR!
We started our wine tour in Villafranca where we met up with our tour guides and fellow American tourists. We biked to two different wineries where we enjoyed Cava's, Roses, etc. It also included an amazing lunch at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere where they served us the biggest dish of paella I have ever seen (look left). The next day we toured the rest of Barcelona with an emphasis on anything Gaudi inclusing the Sagrada Familia in the day, Park Guell (where we had more Sangria, and I got pooped on by a bird), and the Gaudi house. After some shopping we went home, got ready, and headed out to the party zone of Barcelona. Fortunately, some seedy looking guy got us in to 'Catwalk' for free and I took a picture on the runway.
As you can see i'm dressed quite well. The drinks were a bit on the expensive side but since Patti was buying we later had Doner Kebab and then got ready for PARIS!
I think I should end it now so I can start working on my homework. Boo homework, but at the end of the day I am at school =/.
I promise to post soon and inform everyone about the best city ever after London and LA, Paris!

Love from Canterbury,

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